June 26, 2011

welcome art critics and lovers...

... to an entirely new blog devoted to all things art. Originally, The Crescat was going to be the forum for that; but then I went off on a tangent and never found my way back. Don't worry, I will still have my Fine Art Fridays and Russian Art features on other blog. More or less, Bombshells will feature drawings that I am working on or completed and sprinkled with various images I use for inspiration.

All my doodles can be purchased and I even take requests.


  1. Keep it up. This stuff is interesting.

  2. Thanks. I know it's no great shakes compared to Alderman and Mitsui, but my little scribbles give me pleasure making them.

  3. Kat,
    I'm happy and excited you are drawing.

    I'd love to see the fine art Fridays and Russian Art cross-posted here. I confess (please don't be mad) to not reading the other blog so much now. It's more about me than you so no worries.


  4. P.S. I'm your first subscriber using Feedly (powered by google reader but much sweeter)